Unit 7: Website Management and Authoring Tools


Throughout this course, you have learned to create websites by writing code, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Being able to understand websites at a code level is a valuable skill for anyone, but is especially essential if you might be doing web design or development as part of your future career. Virtually every organization uses the web to do its work, so knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript are highly desirable and marketable skills for many jobs. Although it's important to understand the code behind the scenes, let's face it - Developing all your web pages by hand can be pretty time consuming. This is why there are a variety of web authoring tools, applications that enable users to create websites using a familiar, easy-to-use interface, much like a word processing program. These tools also provide a rich variety of other features for managing websites. Also, there are a growing number of tools available on-line that enable novice users to create websites simply by selecting a template and entering their content into web-based form fields. This unit will explore some of these software applications and online tools.